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Services - Contract Filling and Packaging

Steron Packaging has all types of equipment to meet your every filling and packaging needs.  

We have the capacity to handle projects of any size. 


Our trained and dedicated team is committed to completing projects on time and of the highest quality.

Our capabilities are as follows:

  • Formulating/Compounding

  • Filling All Types (plastic, metal, etc.) and Sizes of Tubes, Bottles, Jars, Vials, and Pouches

  • Shrink Wraping

  • Blister Packing

  • Inkjet Coding

  • Induction Sealing

  • Packaging

Some of our equipment:

  • 5 Kalix Fillers

  • Norden 620 HA Plastic Tube Filler

  • Key Pak Form Seal Pouch Machine

  • 10 Head Farmomac Filler

  • Mateer Augar Filler

  • 2 Head Perfume Filler

  • Accutek Piston Filler

  • 2 CVC 300 Wrap Around Labelers

  • 5L – Sealers with Heat Tunnels

  • Pillar Induction Sealer

  • Video Jet Ink Coder

  • Alloyed 4 Station Blister Pack Machine

  • 2 Power Pack Blister Pack Machines

Call Steron Packaging today - we'd greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you!